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Useful properties and applications of quebracho

Quebracho is a powerful evergreen tree that has long been grown in Chile, Argentina and Bolivia. It usually grows up to 20 meters in height. The crown of the tree resembles a weeping willow. For use for medicinal purposes harvested the yellowish-brown or grey bark. It must be removed with an adult tree, and then thoroughly dried in the open air. In medicine the bark is used little bent pieces of a thickness of not more than three, see

Useful properties of quebracho

The main active ingredients of the plant are alkaloids, represented by aspidosperma and quebrachine-yohimbina. Has long been prepared from the bark ethanolic and water extracts, and then used them as the perfect remedy of liver diseases, fever, against suffocation and General health promotion. In addition to the funds indicated for the effective treatment of cough.

Today some doctors recommend special drugs on the basis of Corbacho spastic bronchitis. the pneumoconiosis and asthmatic conditions. They significantly facilitate the condition, relieving the person from shortness of breath and difficulty breathing. In some cases, shown a special tea made from the bark of the plant.

The use of quebracho

In homeopathical used in serious lung diseases modern drug Quebracho. It is applied at optimal dilutions D1 or D1, depending on the development of the disease. The main indication for use is cardiac and bronchial asthma. In some illnesses, appeared on the soil of heart problems effectively this tool.

To prepare the tincture of Corbacho need to take 2 tbsp. of well chopped bark, and 300 ml of ordinary vodka. The drug is recommended to continue for at least 20 days. After this the infusion can strain and take twice a day for 2 tsp after meals. Regular intake of such wonderful drugs can help to ease the condition in acute bronchial asthma. as well as to facilitate removal of mucus by coughing.

In folk medicine there is also another recipe for making medicinal tinctures. 200 grams of dry white wine two tablespoons of bark, which had previously been thoroughly crushed into powder. Pour the mixture of wine and insist for about 10 days in a dark place. The treatment involves the reception means 4 times a day before each meal. Dosage is not more than 50 ml of tincture. This treatment is effective for serious circulatory disorders.

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Extract quebracho

Miraculous extract quebracho is a hygroscopic reddish-brown powder, which is soluble even in cold water. He is a great tanning extracts of vegetable type. Such a wonderful extract has a high content of tannin, which reaches about 72%. This tool is obtained from wood and bark by modern water extraction. Routine use of subtropical tree species of known family kutrovyh and sumach.

It should be noted that in addition to therapeutic purposes extract quebracho indispensable for the combined tanning of hides and skins. In a perfect dye is used in textile manufacturing.

Contraindications quebracho

Specific contraindications and side effects when using various means of Corbacho not revealed. However, it is necessary to avoid possible overdoses during treatment, as this may cause nausea and, in rare cases, and vomiting .

to lead as a result of which there may be vomiting.

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