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Rare and delicious Brazil nuts
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Traditional recipes of beauty

We listen with stories of our grandmothers, as in the old days they washed clothes in cold water, wash without detergent, cleaned the huts without a vacuum cleaner, and the hair is washed with rainwater. We are, of course, are surprised, but the makeup of our grandmothers was much richer in composition than that which we use to this day. Before cream face care contains only natural ingredients that cannot be said about all modern vehicles. No, of course, on the market there are many cosmetics that are very close to natural. However, why spend a fortune if the majority of nutrients and vitamins for skin can be found in the kitchen!

The secrets of traditional recipes of beauty, which underlie the production of cosmetic products for face and body, carefully preserved. But we will try you a little lift the curtain and tell about the secrets of youth, which enjoyed a refined French lady, temperamental Italians, conservative Englishwoman, and, of course, the most beautiful women in the world – Slav.

Recipes beauty of your French girls

Pale and dull skin French beauty restored mask made from egg whites and powdered sugar. Whisk this mixture to get a dense, thick foam, all, your mask is ready. Causing her face to keep the mask to dry completely, after which the remains funds not absorbed by the skin, should be washed off with water.

To quickly bring the skin in a sense the French helped mask based on milk, lemon, and cognac. Boil half a Cup of milk with juice of half a lemon and the same vivifying the mass was added two teaspoons of brandy. This mask should also be kept on the face, neck and chest to dry. This refreshing cocktail skin, French ladies were ready to new victories on the balls!

Folk recipes of Roman beauties.

The scorching sun of ancient Rome were not spared nor the orchards with vineyards or fields where the farmers grow bread, no skin women.

Dehydrated and dry skin Italian beauties were in need of life-giving moisture and nutrition. Wise women have found, in our opinion, the ideal way to moisturize skin. As the saying goes, all brilliant – just. The girls used olive oil, soaking in it a piece of cloth, they were wrung out and applied to the face.

Royal beauty recipes.

The inhabitant of foggy Albion, trying to keep the noble white of the skin of the face and hands, created the recipe for the lotion, the ingredients of which we now find in the composition of cosmetic products on the shelves of our stores. English ladies used to grind up half a lemon and added to a glass of milk. This simple mixture has insisted for three days at room temperature, then filtered and used as bleaching, toning lotion morning and evening.

The secrets of the incomparable Russian beauties.

Our grandmothers not only in a burning house and consisted of a galloping horse stopped, but for the beauty and youthfulness of the facial skin with all this, too, could follow!

Birch is not only a symbol of Russia, but also the tree, the beneficial qualities which you can use legends to put down! Birch juice helps the body to rejuvenate, tone and refresh, and the slender trunk of the tree was associated with the mill the first beauty in the village – and it was considered the highest compliment. But that’s not all. Birch leaves used in the preparation of lotion. Handful of leaves poured a glass of boiling water, add a spoonful of baking soda and insisted three hours lotion ready!

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