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Animals and spirituality

Cat is an amazing animal which for centuries lives near to the person. Almost each one of us is graceful creature that could please us, when the mood was gone and calm when nerves were on edge. But few people think about what the warm lump of fur sleeping at your feet is not a normal household pet.


Cats have very powerful energy. You probably noticed that if You get sick or injured, the cat comes and tries to lie down or to sit next to a hotbed of pain, and after a while it subsides.

Just when You have a bad mood, You are nervous, purring cat at your side makes you relax and calm down.

As we can see, the cat-little doctor who helps a person. Many scientists agree that cats really have the capacity to heal.

How did the cat treats? It was found that cats emit a current of low frequency, which have ostavlyayte effect on people. Around cats formed a powerful bioenergy field. It is proved that the currents of low frequency in the tissues to kill germs, improve blood circulation.

The Western issledovatelskaya proved that cats are also able to treat gynecological diseases and diseases of the joints.

They say that cats have seven lives. And not casual. The ability of cats to adapt to the toughest conditions and survive in extreme situations, it seems incredible. A group of American scientists from the Institute of communication with animals has long studied this Hairdryer. As it turned out the cat is able to treat not only people, but also themselves. One of the means of self-medication is cats. purring. It should be noted that it has a positive effect on the cat, there in person.

Scientists compare the healing effect of purring cats with ultrasound treatment. Sound range-30-40Hz, which is purring, stabilizes blood pressure, strengthens bones, improves cerebramine in the brain.

Cat Magic

Now let’s talk about the mystical destiny of the cat. The cat has always been a very mysterious animal, one has only to look in her eyes and no matter how it was corny – this look is mesmerizing! Mystics claim that a cat is a creature that lives simultaneously in two dimensions, namely the human world and the spirit world. Agree a little uncomfortable to realize that little kitten You brought home is a conduit to another world.

Not only our contemporaries recognize mystic powers of cats. In ancient Egypt the cat was considered a sacred animal. The Egyptians believed that the cat is the incarnation of the goddess of fertility bast. And the man who dared to kill this creature, was punishable by death. When the cat died, it often mummified same way as humans. That means great respect and honor to the Egyptians for this animal.

In Slavic mythology the cat has taken a very worthy place. A lot of Proverbs and fairy tales were connected with it. Remember who was the eternal companion of sorcerers and witches? That’s right, the cat (in most cases black). For example, the cat Baiyun, according to the tales of a huge cat-eater, which had lulled the travelers who tried to catch him, and few could resist his charming voice, and their fate was sealed. It was a belief, which says that the one who will be able to catch this mythical beast will be cured of all diseases – after all, the tales of Baiyun healing.

But not only in Egyptian and Slavic culture revered cats. Asia, ancient Rome, Islamic culture have been connected with such animals as the cat. So, as You can see, the cat has held a pretty important part of the cultures of different countries.

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