Lechleri Croton (Croton lechleri)
Lechleri Croton (Croton lechleri) is the representative plant of the family Euphorbiaceae, comprising about 1200 species, native to the Amazon basin. "Dragon's blood" is the name of a wood extract…

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SHANTI - the Oriental house in Yaroslavl
Friends, we offer you a new type of practice – “Gong-relaxation”. You come, lie down, relax, we fill the space around and within you the healing vibrations of the Gong…

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Folk remedies treatment of herpes

Let’s talk about herbs that help cope with the manifestations of herpes and improve the effect of medication in its treatment. Despite the availability of antiviral drugs, many people with herpes do not neglect naturopathic and folk remedies. Herbal medicine can help in this issue. You need to choose the one most suitable for you plant, and use it. Be mixed arbitrarily different means is not recommended.

Medicinal teas and infusions

Experts recommend drinking tea made from burdock. If you like red clover, or sassafras, tincture or make tea from these herbs.

To relieve symptoms of herpes is useful to do the following. Mix 2 tbsp. tablespoons herb lemon balm, chamomile flowers, thyme herb, grass motherwort, raspberry leaf, juniper berries and 1 tbsp grass Adonis, grass and wormwood herb St. John’s wort. 2 tablespoons of mixture pour 2 cups boiling water, leave for an hour, strain. Take the infusion during the day, preferably 4 times for 1/2 Cup. This herbal infusion should be started at the first signs of exacerbation and to continue taking in 1-2 weeks.

Discomfort in the midst of the development of herpetic vesicles is able to soften bath with common salt or soda.

It is also useful to take baths with dobavleniyami essential oils of bergamot, eucalyptus and geranium. The beneficial effect of lemon oil and tea tree. All these substances have antiseptic effect. The temperature of water should not be below 36 °C. As a rule, on the quantity of water required not more than 6 drops of essential oil. Take a bath at least 15 minutes.

Many talk about the unique properties of the elixir from the flowers of viola tricolor. This plant not only improve immunity, but also inhibits the herpes virus. It can also be added to the water while taking a bath.

And do not neglect the massage. Oriental physicians good reason to pay too much attention to the bioactive points on the human body. A lot of them is on foot. Daily massage the feet for 10 minutes. By doing this you activate the immune system and help the body cope with infection.

Lubrication and compresses

In the treatment of herpes use canned juice of celandine. Fresh grass with roots mince, squeeze the juice and pour in small bottles so that the liquid level does not reached the tube a centimeter or two. The vial was sealed, and after a week, when fermentation will begin, regularly open the tube to release the accumulated gases. The juice is stored for a long time. When treating the affected area for a few minutes, smeared with juice, then make a 5-minute break and re-grease. This is done 3 to 4 times in a row, repeating the procedure 2-3 times a day. The dressings off.

The cold sore and herpes zoster treat Kalanchoe juice. To do this, take the leaf and squeeze the juice out of it, for example, by means of chesnokodavilke.

For external use good lemon juice. They lubricate the places where you feel the tingling and itching. It weakens the symptoms of disease and promotes rapid healing of bubbles.

Even normal black tea can be very helpful. Brew a bag of black tea with boiling water, let it cool to body temperature and then apply to the affected area for 20 minutes 3 times a day.

You can also prepare a poultice, brew a spoonful of dry lemon balm a glass of boiling water and allowing to steep for 30 minutes. Then, moistening the bandage, the gauze or cotton cloth infusion, applying a compress to the affected area 3 times a day.

Good results are obtained by smearing the affected areas with herpes oil of erect cinquefoil, better known under the name galangal, 1-2 times a day. You can make compresses with grated garlic, apples or potatoes.

Rinse with boiled water branches of the raspberries, cut into pieces 1-2 cm long, primelite a paste. Powdered mixture apply on the affected by herpes.

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