Folk medicine for cold
SARS, influenza, the common cold is the disease, which are exacerbated in the autumn-spring period. Headache, runny nose, joint pain, cough, fever – well-known symptoms and consequences of unpleasant diseases.…

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Traditional Chinese medicine
In the center of traditional Oriental medicine, "Sources of health" You will get the option to save and strengthen health, improve their quality of life using natural, effective, time-tested traditional…

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Guarana and its curative properties
Large leaves stacked into bundles. Shoots of the plant are dark, jagged, and oval shapes. Reach 10 meters long, which the plant collection is complicated. Short cuttings formed buds. The…

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Physical therapy in urology

Unfortunately, many women are well familiar with the symptoms of cystitis . burning and stinging pain when urinating . frequent urge to urinate small amounts of urine, pain above the vagina .

And most men known for such diagnoses as prostatitis . impotence . early ejaculation . sexual infections . the adenoma . infertility . chronic urethritis, etc.

Usually appointed in these cases, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory erapy as a rule, only suppresses the symptoms of acute diseases, but does not always lead to the elimination of the consequences and functional disturbances. The best results in treatment of most urological and andrological diseases can be treated using physiotherapy as one of the most effective and safe method of therapeutic effects. But in patients who can not tolerate antibiotics and other drugs, physical treatment becomes the only means of deliverance from affliction.

The apparatus ALTIS SYNCHRO – 02 is designed for highly efficient treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases of the bladder, prostate, seminal vesicles, urethra, complicated by violation of sexual function.

Treatment is accomplished through a comprehensive impact on the area of pathology by laser radiation in three bands and electro-stimulation pulses, the use of vozdejstviem mode biosynchronization with the patient’s pulse.

We use the entire Arsenal of currently available methods of physiotherapy .

Laser therapy . Laser radiation of red and infrared spectra has anti-inflammatory, antiedematous, analgesic, immunostimulating, regenerative (anti-aging) effects. The blue emission spectrum has antibacterial properties against microorganisms such as, for example, chlamydia.

Magnetotherapy . Magnetic radiation is characterized vasodilator, sedative, heat, immune stimulating, anti-inflammatory properties.

Electromyostimulation . Pulsed currents are used to restore tissue, organs and systems, especially the muscles and nerves that have lost their normal function due to illness or injury. Strengthen the entire complex of metabolic processes, inhibit the atrophy of the muscles, restores full activity of the neuromuscular system stimulated body.

Electrophoresis . The medicine enters the body in an ionized state through the skin or mucous membranes. It is not necessary in the injection site, and bioavailability (effective concentration of the drug in the affected organ) max.

Another apparatus YAROVIT AMVL-01 – technical implementation of an effective method for the treatment and prevention of all types of sexual disorders, prostatitis, impotence and the dysfunction of the erection. The method is based on the combined effects of multiple circular air discharge around the penis, placed in a flask and radiation of the led matrix in the red region of the spectrum (0.66 μm) in the skin receptors of the penis. As a result of exposure is the elimination of degenerative changes in the vascular apparatus of the corpora cavernosa of the penis, improves the trophism of the penis and the blood supply to the prostate.

In our Center so far has accumulated a unique experience of physiotherapy in urology and andrology. Treatment results of our patients are not only mild symptoms of inflammation, but the elimination of the consequences of the disease, and restore all disturbed functions.

In the treatment methods of alternative medicine is worthwhile and what is quackery is to understand not just. Still, it's worth a try. For this we need to know the…


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