Quebracho beneficial and therapeutic properties
Quebracho is the collective name of three evergreen tree species growing in subtropical forests of South America, its bark and wood. The word comes from the Spanish "quiebra-hacha" which means…

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Physical therapy in urology
Unfortunately, many women are well familiar with the symptoms of cystitis . burning and stinging pain when urinating . frequent urge to urinate small amounts of urine, pain above the…

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8 ancient beauty recipes from around the world
Ancient women such as Cleopatra, affects not only your mind and outstanding actions, but also beauty. Discover ancient secrets that will help you to make the skin flawless. Rose water…

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Mineral and thermal springs: the healing power of groundwater

In various parts of Germany Spa resorts help get rid of complaints and symptoms using the healing power of local sources. The unique properties of the underground waters, coming here to the surface of the earth, perform miracles therapy.

Oberstdorf: Alpine resort-class

The Alpine resort of Oberstdorf is a climatic health resort and water resort water treatment system Kneipp. Therefore, the region of Allgäu, which is located in Oberstdorf, is the best destination for a Wellness vacation.

Oberstdorf is the most southern resort in Germany. Alaska located in the Alps at an altitude of 815 metres, is the southernmost resort of Germany is surrounded by unspoilt nature and thanks to its clear mountain air is included in the German list of the 15 climatic health resorts of the premium class. It offers guests 85 different programs of recreation, health improvement and Spa treatment.

Resort of Oberstdorf clinic specialize in treating diseases of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of cardiovascular system, psychosomatic and vegetative disorders and diseases of the internal organs. In addition to the methods of traditional medicine it also actively uses acupuncture, herbal medicine and other alternative forms of naturopathy.

Thus, the calling card of Oberstdorf is a combination of classic and detraditionalization. Thermal baths of Oberstdorf “Oberstdorf-Therme” invites you to forget about everyday worries and give yourself an unforgettable rest-hours. To keep the body in shape will help Aqua-a variety of courses, such as fashionable Nordic walking in the water. Healing thermal water has beneficial effects on the body as a whole.

Numerous saunas, set in a wooden Alpine Chalet, will give cheerfulness and good mood. And Hiking trails around Oberstdorf with a total length of 200 km invite to the Hiking routes of varying degrees of difficulty – is the best way to enjoy the Alpine beauty. “In the way in nature – naturally, in Oberstdorf” was the motto climatic health resort of Oberstdorf invites you to experience the healing powers of Alpine nature.

Bad Arolsen: a place where nature and culture healthier body and spirit

Nestled among the mountains in the North of the Hessian town of bad Arolsen famous for its mild climate, beautiful nature and varied treatments.

Surrounded by deciduous and coniferous forests of the region Waldecker land, this resort town also offers ample opportunities for recreation. Treatments in the Wellness center at the water Park “Arabella” contribute to the strengthening not only physical but also mental strength. Bad Arolsen offers treatment for everyone: tourists wait for outpatient therapy by using medical baths, classic Spa treatments, including massage and exercise, as well as mud or cold wraps. Also here you can drink mineral water from the source Slowrunner with a high content of calcium, magnesium, sulfate and fluorine. After your treatments you can relax in the Wellness area at the “Residenzschloss” or go walk around the town, rich in forests and ponds.

Bad Arolsen known for wide opportunities of activities including walks by the lake or Twistsee trips and shopping in the University town of Kassel. The cultural program of the city is extremely diverse. Many visitors gather there annually at the festivals of Baroque music and concerts at the Palace and the Kurhaus. Museums, art exhibitions and theatrical performances enrich the rest, not only culture lovers.

Herbs of Gorny Altai. We cooperate directly with suppliers, therefore we guarantee only the highest quality. Herbs in Moscow, are becoming increasingly popular. Modern medicine can't cure people from all…


Guarana and its curative properties
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