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Personal experience: traditional healers and fortune tellers

Women’s curiosity can be considered as infinite. I’m sure many at least once in life tried to see into the future. And if there is a demand for “magic”, then there will be a supply.

Easily transform into the bio-energy and mediums, spells for healing, luck and love. However, as practice shows, the desired result making units, thousands are deceived.

The stones found in the sand

An appointment to a rural resident Saltanat line. Countrymen they call it the AK-Bata – healer. The belief in her supernatural abilities roam from village to village and people would go to it to save yourself and loved ones to know what awaits them in the future.

Saltanat – a woman of forty-five, with a sad and kind face – sitting at a low table. On the countertop polished pebbles – the healer’s helpers. Saltanat knows the future.

“You don’t have to stay the course,’ says she, turning over the pebbles. – The correct way. Life you’ll have a hard but happy.”

The eyes of my medium covered over, and it seems that it’s gone.

“But health is lousy. The legs should be kept warm and to protect your back. Eat less salt, drink a decoction of knotweed (Polygonum aviculare),” recommends Saltanat.

After some time appeared on priemer doctor. Warning made AK-Bata, said the doctor. Rich mineral water in our country did their job – in the kidney sand, which is urgently necessary to withdraw to avoid stones.

There are no miracles

“Traditional healers can help those who believe in their ability, says folk healer Omargazy Orozakunov. – Influencing the person through the subconscious, they help to mobilize energy to deal with illnesses. Human performance is not completely understood. However, it is well known that each of us has a backup energy reserves”.

Orozakunov sure: most of the disease occurs in the nervous system. The task of the healer is to bring the patient from a conflict situation in which he found himself.

“If a person constantly suffers from insomnia, headaches, heart in his anxiety settled, the majority of physicians the patient is diagnosed with “depression” and prescribe antidepressants, continues Orozakunov. But this is not the way. Most often the problem lies in family quarrels, troubles at work, quarrels with loved ones. Of course, basic medical education healer does not hurt. At least he should know that there are diseases in which without the intervention of highly qualified professionals can not do.”

About my sores Orozakunov learned by the pulse on the hand. Stared in the face, the eyes. Said that there are serious problems with the pancreas (which later was confirmed by the endocrinologist). Advised to treat kidney disease. However, blurted out Omargazy-the eye that he is a doctor by profession with 25 years of experience.

The Fortuneteller Clara

The services of a fortune-teller Baba Clara turned for the sake of interest. A friend told me that four years ago this grandma was telling her on the maps, and they say a lot of things coincided and came true.

The pensioner – on the street in the seventh district of Bishkek. Clients she has always. Or rather, the client is curious and believes in magic.

“Hello – greetings to the old lady and sit her at the table. – I tell fortunes on love”.

What she told me, was so generalized that it became immediately uninteresting. In school I dabbled a bit cartomancy, so I know some of the meanings of the cards. And in place of Baba Clara probably would have invented the story much more interesting.

Even the presence of two kings fighting for the heart of hearts of the ladies (i.e. me), not for the fortune-teller something intriguing.

“Some have none, and this as much two gallants. Choose while you can. And in the future for a long time the marriage will not be possible,” she warned.

I admit that it was already past the age when I wanted to believe in the predictions of a psychic. But the truth in the words of my grandmother Clara.

To access their services or not, of course, everyone decides for himself. From myself only I will add that with serious diseases should consult competent doctors.

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